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Kansas Introduces Biennial Business Filing - What You Need to Know

In a significant shift from the longstanding annual tradition, Kansas businesses will experience a welcome change in their filing requirements as of January 1, 2024. The Kansas Secretary of State has announced the transition from annual to biennial filing of information reports, marking a strategic move designed to reduce the administrative burden on business owners across the state.

Understanding Biennial Filing

Biennial filing means that instead of submitting an information report every year, Kansas businesses will now only need to do so every two years. It's crucial to note that while the frequency of filings has changed, the content required in the reports remains the same. This adjustment aims to streamline processes and lessen the paperwork for business owners, allowing them more time to focus on growing and managing their businesses.

Knowing Your Filing Schedule

  • New Businesses: If your business was established in an even year, you are required to file your report in the next even year. Similarly, businesses formed in an odd year must file in the subsequent odd year.

  • Existing Businesses: The filing cycle for existing businesses will depend on the year their formation documents were initially filed with the Kansas Secretary of State. The specific due date for your report (month and day) remains unchanged; only the filing year will alternate.


This new biennial filing system represents a thoughtful initiative by the Kansas government to support the business community by reducing administrative tasks and enabling owners to dedicate more energy to their core business activities.

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